10 Zeichen…

Zehn unmissverständliche Zeichen dafür, ein Schreiberling zu sein (oh so true!!! 😉 ):

  • You constantly edit. Whether it’s while you’re driving down the street and pass a misspelled sign, or grammatical errors in Facebook posts, you fix errors constantly in your mind — and sometimes not so silently.
  • You’re highly observant. And not only do you notice things all the time, but you file them away in your I could write about this later folder.
  • You often ask, “How could I describe this?” You don’t ignore your life experiences — everything from walking outside during a torrential downpour, to burning yourself while cooking, to taking the first bite of a piping-hot homemade chocolate chip cookie can be used in your writing, and you often pause to think about how you would describe it in words.
  • You have a hyperactive imagination. There’s never a dull moment in that head of yours — your imagination is always working on overtime to keep you entertained and give you fresh ideas.
  • You feel inspired to write after reading a good book. Enough said.
  • You often daydream about your WIPs. Your characters never completely leave you — they walk alongside you throughout the day and give you new ideas when you least expect it.
  • You feel guilty if you haven’t written anything in a while. What a “while” is depends, but after a writing hiatus, a part of you begins to demand that you get back to the keyboard and reprimands you if you don’t.
  • Grammar jokes are funny. Well, they are.
  • You can’t get enough books. After all, every new book is a couple hours worth of inspiration.
  • You keep doing this writing thing. It doesn’t matter if you’re not published, if no one else cares if you continue to write, if you don’t make a penny off of the words that you put on the page — none of that matters, because you’ll continue to write anyway.
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